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Eight colleagues fish on a mountain lake. Medhi knows that several positions will be eliminated from their fish compagny.
Then, one of the fisherman falls into the water… and doesn’t go up. Then a second one disappears. There’s something underneath that’s trying to get them to the dephts…

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Beaver at work

Eric just got hired in supermarket. But nothing makes sense in this 4500 m² store. Maybe Eric should have red his 400 pages contract?

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Tom is 15 years old. He’s staying at his father’s house for the weekend, to spend an oppressive father-and-son moment under the looming shadow of a deceased brother. However, Tom has come with a bottle of Bluestar, a product that exposes blood trails. With his friend Kevin, he wants to visit an abandoned house at night, the one in which a man killed his entire family. This ghastly escapade will take an unexpected turn for Tom: the Bluestar has something to reveal to him.

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“Jacques life’s is suspended to the hypothetical return of his daughter who disappeared seven years ago.
He lives his days between his work in a supermarket and his empty house.
But one days strange details disrupt his routine and wake him from his numb existence.”

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