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Dolores, one of the last sorceresses, will try to pass on Amalur’s legacy to her son Julián. The addictions of Inazio, father of the family and agnostic, will lead them to a difficult situation, in which even the magic of the mother could save them.

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Soutien de Famille

Soutien de Famille is a cinematographical essay based on the artistic project Hogshead 733 that includes a journey, a sea adventure, a story of heritage, friendship & whiskey. The process follows the restoration of a typical 1941 wooden fishing boat, her last 733 miles sailing journey, and the final transformation of the boat, soaked with sea and adventure into two whisky barrels. Every specially chosen stage gives a possibility to research the poetics of specific manual labor expertise: boat building, sailing, barrel making, and whisky production.
A journey from Trebeurden Brittany to the island Islay in Scotland was undertaken with 20 stops en route, from 23 August until 21 September 2015.

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The Club of Angels

A group of friends meet a mysterious chef that may be poisoning them. Why would these men want to keep returning to the dinners?

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A portrait of Domenico Lucano, mayor of the tiny hilltop town of Riace in Italy’s far south, which has welcomed thousands of refugees over the last 20 years in a ground-breaking effort to help fight poverty and long-term decline.

Named as one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders by Forbes magazine in 2016, Lucano now stands accused of corruption and aiding illegal immigration. In an extraordinary move he has been exiled from his own town while the case is heard.

We follow Lucano as he battles electoral defeat at the hands of right-wing populists and savage political attacks from Italy’s combative Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini.

We discover the man behind the myth and witness Lucano’s final emotional plea to his townsfolk to save the welcome project he built from the ground up decades earlier, knowing that the fate of refugees and locals alike could be drastically altered forever.

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When the morning dawns

A lonely self-conscious girl spends her days drinking wine on the roof and waiting for her boyfriend to come home. She can sense that something is wrong – he suddenly got cold. Lack of sex and his friendship with another woman worsen her body image. We watch what happens to them that “one more day” that they stay together.

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Waiting for Jean Paul

Rocafort Castle was built in the heart of the French Alps in 1090 and destroyed in 1305.
For seven centuries, no one looked after it, and the ruins of the building were eventually
buried and forgotten.
Until the year 2000…
700 years waiting for Jean Paul.

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The autumn of history

Barcelona, 1992. A historian has a conversation with a mysterious man who claims that, after the Spanish Civil War, witnessed one of the darkest episodes of Franco dictatorship. The meeting soon becomes an exchange of personal memories of that year 1940, the autumn of history.

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An intimate portrayal of an artist-welder. Mariola roams post-industrial areas with her faithful dog in search of scrap metal, which she uses in her artwork. During the welding process she creates terrifying sculptures of animals, androids and children affected by war. She fulfils her obsessive need to create art in spite of her painful hand condition. When the air quality in the city exceeds acceptable limits she, together with her family, travels to an uninhabited island, to wait out the difficult time in close contact with nature.

MARIOLA WAWRZUSIAK-BORCZ (1971) studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków in the years 1992-1997. She received a diploma with a distinction at the atelier of Professor Józef Sękowski. Currently she is an associate professor at the same Academy. Since her graduation she has been very consistent in her original approach to sculpture; her works are made of scrap metal which is subsequently welded. She is fascinated by the world of primeval instincts and atavistic impulses, the kingdom of animals, but also existential topics in which she tackles and tames universal human fears and anxieties. Her expressive sculptures of children can be frightening but also admirable. Presented with the greatest sensitivity, they do not allow for any indifference.

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Old Hag

While his wife believes him at a corporate seminar in Paris, Jean-Luc is sitting un a boat moving in the bayou somewhere in Louisiana. He has an appointment with the voodoo wizard Richardson. This wizard is know for solving all the problems and Jean-luc has a very big one : his mother in law Denise. The wizard propose to Jean-Luc a Voodoo doll and a serie of Tools, but the old hag has no intention of letting it happen.

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Lost Rabbit

Depressed since the death of his wife, Jef no longer goes out. Then, one weekend, his goddaughter, Lili, entrusts him with her little rabbit, Jacques. But when Jacques takes off, who would have imagined that Jef’ life would get yet more complicated?

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