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The Next Morning

Three small boys are living in a mountain cave. They are orphans. Sometimes they will go to a nearby village for their food. One day, the chandu(small boy ) came to the village dustbin area and had something from the dustbin and slept there all night. The next morning, Raju (the middle boy) went in search of Chandu. Finally, Chandu was discovered sleeping near a dustbin. After that, they are going to meet Jakku (the big boy). At the same time, Jakku is making food that one he hunts in the forest. One girl(Ponni) lives alone in that village. The same girl is working as a maid in another nearby village. Pooni will meet some of her friends on the way. They ask for help from Ponni for their jobs. There is an old lady who lives there. The old lady will collect forest chicken eggs and some leaves in the forest. In a small market, the same items she sell in the near future. Sometimes the three boys see Ponni while going for a job. Sometimes, boys collect food from one shop’s dust pin. They will eat the same.


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Heartbeat of a window

“Heartbeat of a Window” is a magical realist film contemplating the experience of consciousness transitioning between life and the afterlife. This short film offers a tapestry of extraterrestrial drawings made of play of light and shadow, reflections in mirrors as portals, and ritualistic performances in imaginary yet real landscapes. The painted picture of a dreamy psychological scene brings out one’s curiosity and compassion around death, as a topic ordinarily sitting in the darkest folds of the human mind.

The narrative in this film expresses the artist’s fear of losing their mother while living in exile and the mother’s near-death story. The footage for “Heartbeat of a Window” was gathered gradually over five years. The resulting video collage is a poem expressed through the metaphorical and mystical language of geometry.


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Dr. Jason

Invited by a desperate woman the psychiatrist Nik Jason tries to help her demonic possessed sister and gets into a deadly hell trip of a parallel world.

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